Alex Gairdner’s Golf Swing Speed Challenge Reviewed

The golf swing speed challenge is a program created by Alex Gairdner, a golf enthusiast, and physiotherapist. The program comes in an eBook that offers golf lovers all the information they need to improve their swing speed.

After spending a long time on research and some more time golfing green, Alex developed the program, which disputes conventional golfing beliefs and practices.
One of such disputes is the fact that you don’t need customized clubs to polish your golfing skills.

The author aims to help golfers hit longer and straighter drives, make effortless swings, lower their scores, and enjoy smooth games. The golf swing speed challenge entails four training requirements that Alex believes will help the golfer achieve the above feats.
According to Alex, the program, which comprises a demonstrative video and a PDF file, is suitable for all, regardless of your level of expertise at golf.

The video and PDF both begin with an analysis of the basic swing technique and then develops towards a more advanced stage. It is a great way to carry along people who are newbies alongside more experienced ones to all gain from the golf program.

The eBook and video have four different parts, each focusing on a unique technique that you can learn and master from home. You neither have to visit the golf course or purchase expensive sports equipment to gain mastery of the swinging technique.

Alex draws from his knowledge and experience as a therapist to create the eBook and video so that any golfer who studies them can leverage science in understanding golf techniques.

The author discovered that a golfer gains for each clubhead speed of 1PMHo, which means that a golfer can leverage clubhead speed for straighter and longer drives.
The actual challenge is out for everyone across fitness levels and it comprises daily exercises that take about 30 minutes. This challenge aims to improve swing speed in particular and swinging technique on a broader angle.

The golf swing speed challenge comes with a 60-day refund guarantee, but you must buy the book from the official website to secure your guarantee.

What does the program package entail?

A video to help boost swing speed

This video can brainwash you positively as you watch it play. You will find a global golf champion swinging at 140MPH in the video, and you will also see a unique swing between two normal swings. This visual will go into your mind and sit in your subconscious.
With the combination of conscious and subconscious motivation from the video, you will become mentally gingered to boost your swing speed.

The video has accompanying music that impacts your brain and moves your mind to take a faster swing of the club.

Swing Drills for longer drives

The golf swing speed challenge comes with a free golf swinging drill that will be sent to your email weekly for ten weeks. These drills will help to improve your swing.

Here’s what the ten email series looks like:

WEEK ONE: The two drills for this week are swing drills that help to reduce the tension in your swing so that you can move the ball as far as possible.

WEEK TWO: This video drill will show you how to create a bigger arc when handling your golf swing.

WEEK THREE: In week three, you will get a video demonstration of a simple golf drill that can help you relax and release better in your swings.

WEEK FOUR: The guide for week four aims at providing you with the perfect drill to improve your speed drastically at the most important time. This week, you will get two videos to show you the drill.

WEEK FIVE: Balance improvement is week five’s focus, and it will help you achieve more balance when handling your golf swing. The drill is practical and easy to follow. When you achieve this balance, it will help you achieve longer drives.

WEEK SIX: Relaxation is the focus of week six, and the drill you will receive will help you relax so that you can make better swings.

WEEK SEVEN: In the seventh week, the drill you receive is particularly crucial for people having slice issues. This drill gives you the right feel of the ball so that you can get nice draws.

WEEK EIGHT: The drills for week eight focus on transitioning. The material will teach you how to hit longer drives by improving your transition.

WEEK NINE: If you feel out of rhythm with your swing, this week’s drill will focus on helping you establish a rhythm.

WEEK TEN: Tempo is crucial in hitting longer drives, and this week’s drill will focus on helping you reach the perfect tempo in your swing for longer drives.

Advanced Version of the golf swing speed challenge, 102 (costs $74)

When you complete the initial challenge, you can choose to go on to a more advanced challenge that will improve your swing some more. This advanced version costs $74 when sold separately from the initial gold swing speed challenge. However, you can get it free alongside this challenge, and it offers several drills and exercises to help improve your distance.

The super-advanced version of golf swing challenge 103 (costs $ 74)

This version is higher than the advanced version 102, and it goes a step further to improve swing speed with the drills and exercises contained. Although it costs $74 separately, you can access it without cost once you purchase the golf swing speed challenge eBook.

What can you expect at the end of this program?

Once you complete this drill and challenge, here are some positive changes you will notice.

You will notice improvements in your swing plane and tempo, helping you to hit the ball straighter than before.

You will begin to hit your drive beyond the distance you’re used to before. With farther drives, you will enjoy playing on the golf course more.

You will hit the ball further, feel little or no discomfort, and reduce your chances of getting injured while playing.

You will develop higher birdie chances and shoot lower scores better. You will get better at hitting wedges and shorter irons into greens.

Why do I recommend this program?

This package contains very clear instructions and explanations that help you to carry out every exercise without hitches. Instructions are explicit and details.

All the drills and exercises in this program are convenient. You can practice them in your house without needing to purchase any golf equipment. The comfort and convenience are some of the benefits of this challenge.

This program is a good fit for everyone regardless of expertise and age. The directions are easy and begin from a basic level so that anyone can catch up and begin to hit the ball at a farther distance.

You can cope with this exercise even if you are not familiar with any exercise or you have taken a break from drills.

By the end of this challenge, your fitness level, distance, and drive will increase. The challenge usually comprises 30-minute long exercises you can carry out daily. Sometimes, the lessons are shorter than 30 minutes, especially in the concluding phase.

The visual nature of the exercises and drills makes it difficult to make any mistakes or get confused when training. The illustration helps to ensure accuracy.

The entire program is easily accessible because of its digital nature. You can print out the PDF file and use it alongside the video demonstrations during your exercises.

Finally, the program is highly interactive because you can clarify doubts and ask questions during your program. If you want to speak with the author, you can do that via Jeff [2] consistent


A Review Of The Stress Free Golf Swing Program By Jeff Richmond

The story behind Stress Free Golf Swing is an interesting one that begins with Jeff Richmond, its creator and the owner of, who saw something that many didn’t see, and has helped many people with this discovery.

According to Jeff, he discovered a secret move Ben Hogan used in his golf swing, and this unexpected discovery is a move that nearly cost Golf Digest 6 figures in payment a few years back.

Let’s get into the fact of The Stress Free Swing by Jeff Richmond.

The Creation of the Stress Free Swing

On March 5th 2015, Jeff Richmond was observing the head movements of 23 professional golfers during their swings when he discovered the new and different move.

Jeff discovered that Ben Hogan pulled off a move, which was contrary to the conventional pattern practiced by golfers and taught by PGA coaches, including Jeff himself.

Upon discovering the move, Jeff tried out the secret move on the golf course, and he saw outstanding results. On his first day, Jeff surpassed his 10 GIR average and reached 14 greens in regulation.

He practiced the stress free swing for 8 months and got an average of 12 greens in regulations, which is an impressive feat.

After using the move alone for several months, he decided to put the information out there for others, which he did by making some training videos and a well-documented PDF.

As a + handicap golfer, Jeff needed to ensure that everyone, including the casual golfers, could understand and use the move.

In November 2015, he tried it out with a group of golfers who he thought and gave them time to practice and try the move. In January of the next year, he contacted the team of golfers to find out their opinion about the stress free golf swing.

I will be sharing my opinion about the stress free golf swing in this post, and this review will touch on as many things as I can without infringing any copyright rules.

Remember that the complete information about Jeff’s discovery is worth so much in cash, which helps us understand why Hogan nearly made millions from selling his secret years before.

[button color=”red” link=””]Get The Stress Free Golf Swing Program Now[/button]

Here’s What I Experienced with the Secret Move

Although I cannot give you intricate details about the secret move, I can say for sure that it breaks the conventional pattern of swinging in golf and redefines the action.

Before I heard of the secret move, I had been struggling with golf and was doing badly. Although I needed help, I wasn’t sure how helpful the secret move would be. However, I invested in the stress free swing PDF material since it was within my budget.

At that time, I was playing a 7 handicap and struggling with consistency and timing. Interestingly, they are peas in a pod, and improvement in timing automatically leads to consistency improvements.

Each time I played, my inconsistency always sabotaged my playing, no matter how well I did, because I tended to be late or shoot a ball beyond bounds.

What’s Unique About The Stress Free Golf Swing?

When golf training, my coach had told me to stop doing something, which turned out to be a part of the secret move. Instead, he directed me to do something different, which was making things more difficult for me.

I tried the Hogan move and it was more comfortable than what my professional coach taught me. So, I made a switch and did the exact opposite of what I was taught in that single instance, and it felt much better and more comfortable.

All I needed to perfectly imbibe the stress free golf swing was a simple change, which I made. Immediately after making that change, the results were spectacular.

For the sake of this discussion, please remember that I only used a branch of the secret move and not the entire training plan. However, the change in strategy will feel very new to a golfer used to the conventional style.

How easy is the Stress Free Swing?

I got a hang of the stress free swing after watching a few training videos and trying it out in the range twice. Thanks to the nature of Jeff’s tutorials, you can practice the move in the comfort of your home without a golf club. Simply follow the drill and allow it to enter your muscle memory from where it will come when you need it.
Once the technique becomes a part of your memory, you can do it as many times without having to think about it.

I tried out what I learned from the training videos at the range before going to the golf course. By the time I completed 3 golf sessions and 6 baskets filled with balls, the difference was evident. I could see that Jeff was right about the stress free swing.
Although I cannot go into more details for reasons earlier stated, I loved it, and I am certain that you will.

Nevertheless, if you don’t enjoy or benefit from the lecture, you can get your money back. The stress free gold swing package comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a customer support agent willing to help you facilitate it.
However, very few refunds have been made, which means that Jeff has created a winner in this package.

What Will You Find When You Purchase This Secret?

This package contains a PDF file and video in which Jeff explains the stress free golf swing in detail and shows you how to practice and implement the swing.
Jeff begins with the basics of this swing, which is one of the most successful swings golfers have ever seen, and he helps you to imbibe the swing in little time.

I especially loved the fact that you can learn the drills from home, and even without a golf club.

What’s more? Jeff Richmond will send you more tips and advice weekly to help improve your skills so you can play better. These pointers often go a long way to help you get better at the sport!

My Verdict on Stress Free Golf Swing

Of all the training videos I have watched over the years on YouTube and other platforms to get better at my wings, the stress free golf swing is currently the best training I have found.

The methods are easy to follow, the flow is natural, and I learned it with little difficulty.

Presently, my handicap lowers every month, and my consistency continues to improve as I continue to develop and perfect my swing.

I absolutely recommend the stress free golf swing!