Buyers Guide for Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

One of the biggest and best investments you can make for your golf game is investing in a great quality pair of comfortable golf shoes. They will need to provide you with comfort, traction, and support, along with a few other things. If you have wide feet, it can be challenging to find the best golf shoes for wide feet.

Below are a few pointers when it comes to picking the best wide golf shoe, and it can take you through some of the best options out there.

Men’s Fury by FootJoy

The main goal that FootJoy thought of when making these popular golf shoes was comfort. This is liked by all golfers, and based on feedback from most consumers, and the company has successfully achieved this goal.

Before introducing the technology, let’s take a quick look at the design and appearance of this golf shoe. This is a coach-style golf shoe, which is becoming more and more popular. This is an attractive shoe for everyone except the most conservative golfers. The design of the trainer also makes itself more comfortable, so it is an additional benefit.
FootJoy has always focused on comfort, which ensures that the shoe’s traction on the course is crucial. It was designed inside out, according to FootJoy. That means that it has improved grip and stability while it remains comfortable.

There is reduced tongue movement and your feet feel more secure in the shoe thanks to the inner fit sleeve.

The outsole is fixed with TPU cleates and has multiple contact points to provide good traction and stability. The midsole is made of a foam. It is three layers of memory foam that give comfort to the rest of the shoe. Over time, it will naturally conform to the shape of your feet, resulting in a comfortable fit.

The mesh toe vents provide airflow, but keeping it clean can be tricky.


  • Popular with pros
  • Waterproof outerwear
  • Good breathability
  • Trusted and popular brand
  • Triple-layer memory foam
  • TPU cleated
  • Great design
  • Good traction
  • Designed for comfort


  • Mesh toe vents are hard to clean
  • Some think the design is too pointy

Women’s Adipure Sport 2 by Adidas

Adidas has not ignored the growing and large female golfing market, and this shoe is one of the most highly rated and popular choices. Adidas is a trusted and well-established brand.

The Adipure Sport 2 is a qualified golf shoe at a fair price. It has a wider forefront and a rounded toe that makes them perfect for a wider foot lady.

This shoe is spikeless, which means that you will be comfortable off and on the course. The Traxion lugs are what make the Adipure Sport green-friendly. Many will tell you that the stability, traction, and grips are excellent, low profile, and lightweight.

The shoe is synthetic, and the uppers are made from light heathered textile that comes with a polyurethane coating that protects the shoe material. The outsole of the shoe is very durable. It also has the EVA midsole to provide support, while the FitFoam Pillow sock liner provides comfort.

The general appearance and low profile are popular for most female golfers.


  • Trusted brand
  • Rounded toe and wide forefront
  • Supportive EVA midsole
  • FitFoam Pillow sock liner
  • Decent stability and traction
  • Spikeless and green-friendly soles
  • Good durability
  • Comfortable spikeless design
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • The while is not pure white
  • Some of the material can lose shape after a bit of wear

Men’s Breeze by New Balance

On the golf course, the last thing you need is heavy shoes. The lightweight design of these golf shoes is one of its outstanding features. However, weight is essential, only one factor that a good pair of golf shoes needs to possess.

The widest front toe area makes it ideal for people with wider feet or who need more space. For comfort and support, the CUSH+ insole is used. It is made from an innovative composite foam.

It has the NDurance rubber outsole that provides flexibility and a strong grip. The lightweight REVlite midsole can cushion and support the feet to have strength and stability during all of your shots.

The upper mesh is breathable to ensure good air circulation and ventilation. In this way, your feet can stay cool. The welded forefoot is waterproof and provides comfort in wet conditions. New Balance Breeze golf shoes have a 2-year waterproof warranty.

These golf shoes have been well received by satisfied customers, especially those with large feet. Most people find them comfortable, lightweight, and effective. There are few complaints. Combining materials and design techniques seems to work well together to produce effective and practical golf shoes.


  • REVLite Midsole Cushioning
  • Forefront water guard
  • Good breathability
  • Comfortable support
  • Decent grip and traction
  • Spikeless versatility
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • There are some complaints about ineffective water resistance

Men’s Adipower 4orged S by Adidas

Spikeless shoes are trendy due to their comfort and versatility. We have gone a long way compared to the steel nails of the past, and for wide feet, this is the ideal choice without nails. The Adidas brand needs no introduction, and they have a good reputation among high-quality and durable shoes

The Adipower series has been around for a while, but the latest 4orged S (no spikes) golf shoes have also received more research and development. The purpose is to improve the stability of the golfer’s swing. They seem to have achieved this goal without increasing the weight of the shoe. Their other goals are comfort, support, and traction.

The result of research and testing is an improved shoe upper made of blended fabric and microfiber leather. Water-resistance and breathability, climastorm, and TPU film layers are added to protect your feet from the elements.

The forging technology has also been updated, and pressure and heat have been used to increase the support and reinforcement Adidas has been looking for.

Another feature of this range is BOOST technology. It is located in the midsole to reduce energy loss, thereby obtaining better comfort and cushioning. The fitfoam PU insole provides additional support and cushioning and uses Bounce foam in the forefoot area.
Appearance is essentially a personal preference, and there is no doubt that golfers will differ in the style of this pair of shoes. Some people will like its appearance, but it will not appeal to everyone.


  • Light
  • Boost technology
  • Improved stability
  • Leading sports footwear technology
  • Trusted brand


  • The style does not fit everyone
  • Some reports of issues with the tongue

Go Golf Drive 2 by Sketchers

Sketchers is a popular golf shoe brand, which has achieved rapid development in the market, and this is for a good reason. In addition to the style and technology of these golf shoes, one of the main factors is the affordable price.

These shoes use the Goga Mat technology from Sketchers to provide all-day comfort and sports shoe-like performance. The insole is designed to provide support and high rebound cushioning.

The most enthusiastic approach to these shoe styles may be that some more traditional players may not like this design. Thanks to H2GO Shield, golf shoes are waterproof.
The moisture-wicking lining keeps them still breathable. Side holes also improve airflow and cooling. This will enable them to have practical application versatility under various conditions and environments.

The upper is smooth artificial leather, and the tongue and collar are padded. This is a spikeless shoe with a hard rubber plate that provides grip and traction. Another advantage is that they will not clog vegetation and debris like other styles. This makes them practical and can be taught and dismissed at home. The design is traditional lace on the front, and the perforations are metal.


  • Good traction
  • Water-resistant
  • Goof breathability
  • Supportive and comfortable


  • Takes time to break-in
  • Complaints about the durability of these shoes


Although we only reviewed the best options, one of them is the best. The most popular FootJoy men’s Fury golf shoes are our editor’s choice.

In addition to being comfortable, they also have good traction and stability and have good ventilation while maintaining water resistance. They are popular among players of all levels, including professional golfers, to make a difference.

Finding the best golf shoes for your feet is not the main challenge. Consider your needs and budget to find the best option for you.

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